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Content creation

  • Tools


    These tools will help you to quickly and easily create rich content ready to go onto TomTom devices so that you can publish them on your website.

    'Add to TomTom' button:Put your address, Points of Interest or routes on millions of TomTom devices! Our easy-to-use wizard will have you set in minutes.

  • Documentation


    These user-friendly guides explain how to get the best out of your TomTom device and our online tools.

    Map Share guide: Tells you how to share map corrections with the TomTom map community

    TomTom HOME 'Create Your Own Content' guide: Give your TomTom device a personality! This guide contains all you need to know to give it the look you want.

Software creation

What is Create.tomtom.com?

The single source of knowledge for anyone - - wanting to create content or software for TomTom platforms or devices, whether for themselves or their customers.

From enthusiastic TomTom users to experienced developers and corporations this resource gives all users the chance to get creative.