On your TomTom navigation device

You can connect your navigation device to TomTom HOME and select Operate my device to easily create a POI set using your computer.  You can also create the POI set directly on your device.

Note: Check the table to see if your device supports this type of content.

To create a new POI category

1.Tap Change Preferences in the Main Menu of your device.
2.Tap Manage POIs.
3.Tap Add POI category.

Use the onscreen keyboard to write the name of your new POI category.

4.Select an icon to represent your POIs on the map. You can change this icon later if you change your mind.

To add POI's to your category

1.Tap Add POI.
2.Select your new POI category.
3.Select the location of the POI.  This could, for example, be an Address, Favourite, Point on Map, or Latitude Longitude coordinate.
4.Name your POI with a unique name.
5.Enter a phone number (optional). Use the international dialling syntax without hyphens or spaces. For example, for TomTom Amsterdam, Netherlands, dial 31208500800.

That’s it!  Repeat these five steps for any further POIs that you would like to add.

Note: Using the Operate my device option in TomTom HOME does not work on TomTom MOBILE and NAVIGATOR devices. For those devices you can perform the above steps on the device. You then have to retrieve those files manually from the device.