Record the voice commands

You can record your own navigation voice on your computer.  You need several tools to do this.

You need a microphone and software for recording the voice commands on your computer. Audacity for Windows or Mac is a good choice because it is a free program that allows you to record and export directly to OGG Vorbis format.  You can also record WAV files and convert them to OGG Vorbis using a conversion program, many of which are also available online.

1.Record at 22,050Hz Mono.
2.Record the 59 commands and save/export them as OGG Vorbis files with the accompanying file names.

Tip: You will need to include a short pause of, for example 0.5 second, after each command. You may need to experiment with the length of this pause to make sure that the navigation instructions sound natural.

4.Save all 59 files to one folder, and test each one to make sure that they are all present and working correctly.