Home symbols

Your TomTom navigation device uses a picture of a house by default to show your home location in the Browse Map. One of the ways you can personalise the Browse Map and your device menus is by changing this home symbol.

You can change this symbol using HOME or you can create your own. To create your own, you will need to use a graphics program such as MS Paint or Photoshop.

Note: Check the table to see if your device supports this type of content.

Creating a home symbol

1.Copy your old symbol to your computer using Copy to computer in TomTom HOME.
2.Create the image to a maximum size of 32x32 pixels.
3.Give the image a red background (RGB 255,000,000 or HEX 0xFF0000).
4.Save the image as a 24 bit .bmp called althome.bmp.
5.Put the althome.bmp file in the skins folder on your device.

Your home location is now shown with your new symbol in the Browse Map on your device.

TIP: Home symbols can appear on dark or light areas of the map, so your home symbol might not stand out on all areas unless you add a light line around a dark icon or a dark line around a light icon. The red background becomes transparent and is not seen on your TomTom navigation device.